Reward missing on chiaexplorer

It looks like I got a reward last night.

89804:2021-05-19T08:47:32.186 harvester chia.harvester.harvester: INFO 1 plots were eligible for farming 344cb81d26... Found 1 proofs. Time: 12.42934 s. Total 502 plots

My wallet is synced and shows 2 additional XCH in Total, Pending, and Spendable.

My full_node shows it is synced.

Chia Explorer Does not show the XCH.

Did I get paid? Did something go wrong on my end? Or is Chia Explorer not an updated view of the block chain?

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I think it’s like it says, it could have went to a different xch address than the one you’re looking at on chia explorer.

Basically, I would trust the wallet amount.

Congrats on your win :partying_face:

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How do I find my other wallet addresses to check them? The message was about getting change, and I wouldn’t have expected the reward wallet to change since that’s baked into the plot files, right ?

Can I get the wallet in CLI to show all its coins? Could look those up in explorer directly as well.

Found 1 proofs does not mean you won, it means you made rounds 2 of check where you are very likely to win 2 coins but in your case never did.

But my wallet thinks I won. And my understanding is the likelihood of 2 winners for a block is very very small.

from the CLI type chia keys show, the first wallet address should be what you check on chiaexplorer!

chia config default location: ~/.chia/mainnet/config/config.yaml

open your chia config and make sure xch_target_address: matches that address, otherwise you might have inadvertently created more than one address!

Than you so much, I was sure I was copying the right address… I wonder if I’ve been fauceting to someone else…

This one Looks good.

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I would like to see some type of address book for receive address of all the ones the wallet generates. It would also be nice if we could see the first wallet address for all addresses.

gross vs pending… have you sent xch to another address?

Yes, I bought cloud plots with 2 XCH :slight_smile: