Rig Mobility & Farming on the Go

This is a naive question, but I’ll ask anyway…

Once I have set up my rig and plotting, can I cut power and move my rig to another location.

Ie. My fiance doesn’t want this set up in our bedroom, but it’s the best spot for it in my apartment.

ie. bring it to work with me and plug it in during work and then plug it back in once I get home.

Hope that makes sense.

Thanks -Michael

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It’s all about having a nice, high speed USB enclosure and a fast (aka USB superspeed 20gbps) USB port to attach it to! Then you can plot from any modern-ish laptop! (Will also work at regular superspeed aka 10gbps, but not quite as fast.)

I highly recommend this enclosure and its modern ASM2364 chipset:

Slap a reasonably nice 1tb NVME drive of your choice in there and you’re good for 2 simultaneous plots, maybe even 3! Get a 2tb drive if you want it to run unattended for a while, and then it can also be the dump drive to let plots pile up, I usually do it like this:


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Just purchased.

Will this replace the Mokin SSD case?


I wish there was a one-pager on a generic setup for Noobs. (hint, hint) Like a recipe for beginners to get started.

The ChiaDecentral guys have some great guides: Guide Archives -


Get a NUC and hide it under the bed. :laughing:

“Honey, what’s this I found under the bed? Have you been Chiaing on me again?”


I literally set up my rig under the bed. LOL you’re a profit.

Best part is it’s working.


Any recommendations on mobile plotting device after a month of using?

I’m thinking about getting external case, 1TB nvme and connecting it to a desktop at my office…

Just used internal (1TB) & external (512GB) mvne SSD for temporary files and external SATA SSD as destination folder. And cooling plate for laptop, the process is too hot to be calm )).
It makes 4 plots simultaneously for 41000s (10th gen i5 + 16Gb RAM).
I found ThinkPad and fedora makes magic. I can suspend plotting! I’m closing lid, waiting for 5-7 minutes laptop cools down and then mowing home. I tested it for about 12-13 times, seems to be ok. Even suspend longs for 5hrs (tested yesterday).

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What’s your external case and nvme inside (left side of your photo :slight_smile: )? Is the temperature ok?

Put on it soda can.
It is a very efficient.“water cooling”

The case is DEXP PREMIUM SHE-C325 (aluminium, USB 3.1 Gen 2 Type C) and A-Data XPG SX8200 Pro 512Gb inside. The temperature is about 60-65 C. It seems to be ok )) in working range of temperature.
R/W speed is good enough. I run 4 plots in parallel, 3 on internal (about 41000s) and one on external (42000s).

I’m thinking about to put it into cup of coffee to keep it hot )))

So, it takes about 11 hours for 1 plot on the external drive? How much space, out of the 512Gb is actually taken?

It might not be time efficient, but would 2 plots in parallel fit on the 512GB ?

Not actually. It takes 11 hours for 4 plots. 1 on external and 3 on internal drives. I can’t run one more plotting because I have only 16 GB of RAM. And also doing some work on this laptop ))

Say, if you don’t want to run on the internal at all…

Would you be able to run only 2 plots on the external 512? (no plots on internal)

In this case, yes. But now I plotting on all what can plot till waiting for parts to build a separate plotter. They are 4 devices making about 16-18 plots per day ))