ROI Challenge for Runners

I am a runner. Well, I try to be. While running the other day I was thinking … “I wonder which I will hit first, get a return on my Chia Farming investment or run that many miles (1 mile equal to $1 invested)?” Well, that is a little insane after thinking about how many $$'s I have invested. So I modified it. So here is the challenge for anyone that wants to play along.

A race to ROI or equal miles
The rules

  • Keep track of the total cost of your Chia Farming investment (you don’t have to share actual numbers unless you want to).
  • Keep track of how much your farming has earned
  • Keep track of how many miles you run since the beginning of your Chia venture.
  • Each mile ran is worth $8. (I came to this number by figuring out my average running and what mileage value would come close to earning back my investment in 5 years)
  • The challenge is to see which happens first. Either your farming earns your money back or your running value equals your investment value.

My Chia Farming began on May 9th.
My current overall investment is $29,195.42.

Here is what I have so far:
Miles ran
June: 39.42
May: 38.37
Value: Total miles (77.79) x $8 = $622.32

Chia earned
Current value: Total XCH Earned (4.55210423) x Current Market Value ($390.54) = $1777.78

So far, my farm is beating my running. I’ll post a monthly update until one or the other wins. I would love some competition. If you aren’t a runner but like the idea, start another thread with your ROI challenge. Maybe you’re a cyclist, or rower or something else. Might as well make this a healthy adventure.

Okay, looks like ur miles are going to beat ur chia soon, if they didnt already.
Sry, but that game looks bit like germany vs brazil 2014

It would take me 5 years to get enough miles to break even. You have no idea what the XCH price is going to be in 5 years. Heck, it may be $5000 in a year. There is no way to know. I do expect it to be $100 this year at some point. I’m looking forward to it.


It’s still going down. I am expecting below $200 before close of markets today.

Me too. And when it gets below $100, I’ll be waiting with a chunk of money to buy the remainder of my investment. Until then, I will be buying a little each payday.