Running a full node without wallet

I want to optimize the number of forks I can run in my slow mini PC with just 4 GB of RAM.

I would like to run the full node but do not run the wallet process too, since I will be farming to a cold wallet.

I found this post
Chia farming Ubuntu in terminal without wallet
but I do not understand if the solution requires a full node to be running in another machine in my network. I’ve just 1 machine.

To sum it up:
Can I start a Chia full node without a wallet process too, since it consumes additional memory and CPU?

Thanks in advance

yes, you can. for farming you will need node+farmer+harvester running. you can start that from the command-line interface using chia start farmer-no-wallet.

note, however, that you’ll have to temporarily fire up a wallet and let it sync in order to change pools (or switch to/from solo).