Running more then one instance of chia with the same key

Hello, could someone tell me how the network acts if i have two or three plotters online with the same key?

At the moment i have Windows machine as main application and plotter running there.

As well i have two ubuntu servers plotters (on different IP’s) where i creating the plots (always online), and then i move them manually to the first (win) machine. But maybe thats not needed? Maybe i can leave plots on 3 different machines (with the same wallet address/key) online? Or maybe this is bad? Maybe they affect each other and only one is visible to the network?

Plotters and harvesters do not need to run the full node, do not need any keys.

Thank you. I’ve read this, but still have some questions.

It says “This keeps your system simpler, uses less bandwidth, space, CPU, and also keeps your keys safer. It also makes your overall farm quicker and more efficient when replying to challenges.”. I understand, that running few instances at the same time is not prohibited. As these my plotters are in different locations, and file sizes are huge, i have to manually move them from one location to other and I can’t do that every day.

If i go for recommended settings (where plotters are not farming), i will get quicker response on that one main farming machine. But rest plotters will not provide their plots to the network. So if two other plotters will plot for a week, there will be many plots that are not included in to the farming until i manually take drives, bring back and connect to the main farmer. So it is possible that during that week one of the plots (that is not yet moved to the farm), could win a block if it’s online. So maybe it is better to keep all 3 farms online to get a bigger chance to win a block?

I agree that if plots from other plotters could be copied/moved very fast over ethernet then i can run many plotters, that are saving their files directly in to farmer. But in my case this is not the option as my plotters not in the local network.

AFAIK if you have 3 completely separated LANs (you did not merge them over VPN) you should have no problem running 3 separate full nodes each with the same key. The “single full node” restriction on one (NATted) LAN is only there to reserve port 8444 on the external IP.

Follow the guide for farmer-harvesters network.

It’s fine. I run 4 full nodes all with the same keys behind a single external ip. Just turn off upnp and up your max connections and outbound peer count. All my nodes find blocks so no issues.

Running multiple farmers with the same key is absolutely fine.
Ive started with my windows-machine and later added a raspberry-farmer.
I used to plot onto USB-drives and automatically started farming on them. As soon as they were full, I moved them to the farmer.

Got rewards on both machines.

I still dont understand, why everyone keeps linking that harvester-setup, as its not suitable for small farmers, who want to save energy.

PS: there can occur problems with port 8444 and uPnP, but they are easy to fix and well discussed in this forum.