Running out of disk space! Need your advice!

Good day everyone!
I want to ask you guys if it is possible to change the directory for the Chia blockchain and forks?
For example :
By default, all blockchains are located on the drive C:\Users\name
and I would like to make just a separate disk where all the folders with blockchains will be and it will look like this
D:.Chia and so on
Is it possible?

How to move the Chia db to another folder [ Wiki]

You can change the path for the databases, edit config.yaml to something like
If you add another drive D: example of two of 4 files needed read the link above
database_path: d:\db\blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite

database_path: d:\wallet\db\blockchain_wallet_v2_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite
But just copy the data bases

How big is your C: drive? I use a Samsung EVO 870 500GB with tons of space, like $45.00 on ebay.
Just move the database files to keep it simple.

I have 500tb and already running out of space
What you suggested should solve the problem!
Thanks a lot!

I am confused about the way that config.yaml stores the location of various paths of where files are located.

I see only “relative” paths.
I see no “absolute” paths.
There is nothing in my config.yaml that contains “c:\users\…”

Yet, all of my Chia files are in “c:\users\…”

So it seems as if Chia assumes and defaults to everything being in:

Is it safe to replace the references in config.yaml that have relative paths with fully qualified paths?

By the way, that How to move the Chia db to another folder [ Wiki] link has examples of specifying the “D” drive (implying it is a Windows system), and the examples use a forward slash “/” rather than a back slash “\”.

That could lead to some folks to have corrupt paths in the config.yaml file (unless Chia will not care which slash is used?).

This is what I have in my config:

  database_path: D:/chia-db/blockchain/blockchain_v2_CHALLENGE.sqlite
  database_path: D:/chia-db/wallet/blockchain_wallet_v2_CHALLENGE_KEY.sqlite

As far as forward-/back-slashes, Windows is kind of forgiving. CMD line likes only backslashes, but if you try PowerShell, it accepts both. Also, in the code (at least C), you can use both or mix those two in one path.

I am not that familiar with Python but making mistakes in config.yaml crashed my installation several times, so I am blindly following patter that they use, as there are just too many not handled cases by Chia devs.

Yes you can replace the relative paths with full ones.

You can use forward slashes in the config for windows also.

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