Running out of space because of v1 blockchain

Hi, didnt catch up the latest updates…sorry if my question has been asked for many times

I got a separate 256GB SSD storing just the blockchain file, and its running out of space and my wallet stop syncing since yesterday.
I came here looking for the harddisk upgrade threads and realized the blockchain has already been upgraded to v2…

Please correct me if below steps are wrong or i missed any if i want to do the v1>v2 change:
In my SSD, there is only one file “Chia_Blockchain” with 2 folders: “db” and “wallet”.
I am not sure what to do with which folder, i guess i would work for the one with latest update ie “db” folder:

  1. Stop the chia client

  2. Download the new blockchain_v2_mainnet.sqlite.gz compressed file

  3. In my SSD:\Chia_Blockchain\db\ delete:

  4. Replaced with

  5. Change the path in config.yaml

  6. Start Chia client, mine is 1.8


  1. Should the new blockchain files put in "my SSD:\Chia_Blockchain\db"
    "my SSD:\Chia_Blockchain\wallet\db"

  2. In my SSD:\Chia_Blockchain\db
    There are also

Can i delete them?

  1. Also in “my SSD:\Chia_Blockchain\wallet\db”
    there are:

Should i only delete the one with v1?

The wallet db is your own wallet db. You only want to replace the chain db. I’m not sure exactly what the other files are, I would delete every sql in the \db\ folder.

So simply replace and delete those v1 blockchain file, do i still need to do the cli update thing? thanks.

There shouldn’t be a need to convert since the new DB you downloaded is already in the new format.

Please think about what your doing, you ran out of space with your v1 db with 256gb ssd disk and now your wanting to upgrade to v2 db. “YOU” need at least a 500gb ssd from ebay to stay safe.