RuntimeError: bad allocation

Hello guys,
Can anyone help me with the attached screenshot? It happend while I was plotting 3 plots in parralel with 10 min delay.
Plot size: 32
Buffer size: 22888 - I have 32GB Ram
Threads: 4
My cpu clock is 3.8Ghz and I have 12 cores and 24 threads
I appriciate your help in advance. :pray:

Google search gets you


Thank you for quick respond. I really appriciate it.

When you find out what it was, let us know. It will be good information for anyone that finds this thread looking for an answer.

Of course. I will do that as soon as I resolve the issue in couple of hours.:+1:

Why would you give that much memory to the plot? There’s literally zero performance benefit. Just use the default amount of RAM, or 4096mb.

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I did as you suggested and it works like a charm. Thank you.

The amount of memory was set to too high, so I took it back to the default and everything now is fine.

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This may help someone with this allocation error issue. I kept getting the same error the OP got and couldn’t figure out why. Everything has been plotting ok, then this fatal error began occurring at random times, but regularly.

The fix for me was to change the C-Drive swap file from ‘system managed’ to min 10-max 30GB. No more problems.

One last thing. Memory used for plotting does not seem the issue. For example, I use 9216MB/plot & 64 buckets and all is good.

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