RUPOOLproject announces 3 big competitions for 3 baskets from Intel A49517

The conditions of the competition are as simple as possible:

  • The participant who first catches the block takes 1 prize;

  • Among those who will be in the top five in terms of volume at 12:00 Moscow time on October 15, a second gift will be played randomly.

  • To pick up the third prize, you need to write an article by October 14 inclusive on one of the popular forums and follow our twitter -

  • You can write several different articles on different forums to increase your chances of winning, the main condition for each article is 100% uniqueness (two identical articles on different forums are prohibited, you can check the uniqueness on special websites)

:fire:Delivery will be carried out at the expense of RUPOOLproject. Links to articles should be sent to the chat Telegram: Contact @rupoolproject with the hashtag #contest.
Results by article will be on October 15th.

RUPOOLproject Command

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