RUPOOLproject - new pool. Benefits among the competitors

Who are we?

A professional team of highly qualified programmers, mining technicians, and marketers. We have prepared one of the best mining pools in the world with incredibly favorable conditions among competitors.

Our team has been carefully working on the project for several months and this is not the limit. The development of the pool will constantly continue to remain one of the best as it is now. To better understand who we are, you need to get to know our pool closely.

Our advantages:

  1. The first 100 miners from 100+ TB are permanently exempt from 0.5% commission.
  2. The first 100 users, regardless of the number of TB, are exempt from a commission of 0.5% until 101 users are connected to the network.
  3. We never ask for your private key, let alone your seed phrase. With your Chia NFT, you can always switch to another pool if you are not satisfied with our performance.
  4. Transparency. Our notification system will automatically inform you when you win Chia coins. You will also have complete control and overview of your wallet and profits.

Also, pool members can receive tokens from the partner’s project ASLAproject if certain conditions are met:

  1. Between the first 100 miners from 100+ TB in equal proportion for 12 months in the pool, there will be the distribution of 2.000.000 Aga tokens (for 3 years).
  2. Between all other participants, including those who have 100+ TB, other 5.000.000 tokens will be distributed in proportion to the limit of 500+ TB, so that there is no concentration in a narrow circle of people.
    Start in few days, follow the news in tg - Telegram: Contact @rupoolproject

Great guys! Wish you success and luck!


Thanks a lot. We are working for our community :relaxed:


I’ve been waiting for this for a very long time! Great job! Only forward!:rocket::+1::fire:


Interesting. A bunch of first time users commenting on the post of a first time user. Seems like they’re just trying to whip up attention.


Thanks for your interest! We are first time at ChiaForum and our community want to support us :slightly_smiling_face:

Very interesting conditions of the pool, I will come to you!

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Good, cool informetion!

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excellent conditions! I will definitely join!

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Great project, I’ve been following it for a long time! For participation in their pool, they give AGA coins and do not take a commission to the first participants of 100 TB, I recommend!

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Thanks a lot for support!

Yeah…not the best way to build trust :sweat_smile:

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We just announced that we on Chiaforum and our community registered. We cant stop this process

Do you take OG plots?

No, you need use NFT plots

The features you’re boasting here look like regular features all the other pools have, plus bonuses for early adopters. Now that you’re near/past 100 users, why should I join your pool?

I cant say that you should our pool. But how’re the users say, we have the best support and average earnings on our pool higher than on others and then on the calculator. The choice is always yours