ryzen 1920x not performing

i have a hamlet problem on my system x399 taichi,

ryzen 1920x, 32gb 3600, 2x nvme 3400 and 2x ssd sata …
by launching a single plot and giving it the maximum of resources I was able to do the plot in just over 8 hours … (attached) by monitoring the resources the pc never went under stress, even by launching 4 simultaneous plots on 4 different discs. system has a mild use of resources … I do not understand why it does not go to full capacity … my friends with a nuc 10 i7 and 16gb have managed to make a plot in less than 5 hours …
What is wrong with my system?

I would look at the read and write speed of your drives. My guess would be that the temp drive is getting maxed out and can’t keep up. Or it is overheating and throttling itself.

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Too hot?

67 and 68 is not great, but I don’t think it is horrible (my drive is running at a max of 47 degrees with 8 parallel plots). The only way to know for sure would be to do some benchmarking. When you benchmark a drive you can see the performance at different points. How it performs under different loads. Every drive is different. I wouldn’t put those Crucial drives very high on the list of performance. Specs on paper are one thing but actual production performance is another. But I don’t really see anything in that image that screams that something is wrong.

From crystaldiskmark the crucial is 3400 in reading and writing … So am I right to think that the system should make more?

I wouldn’t focus on heat as the first problem, usually it’s people are using kinda lower quality drives with poor sustained read/write speeds.

I also have a threadripper 1920x on an X399 taichi and I’m also seeing plot times just over 9 hours.
That’s running 6 plots in parallel on 2x Samsung 980 Pro 1TB.
(The machine is also used for some other stuff, so I can’t run more atm.)
I’m pretty sure I’m not io bottlenecked, iowait% on the system is very low.

I think I’m limited by:

  1. single core performance. 3,7Ghz just isn’t that high (I think the NUC you mentioned goes up to 4,7Ghz).
  2. Memory speed. I’m running 2666Mhz memory (No idea what speed a NUC runs, but anything Ryzen depends more on memory speed than Intel afaik).
  3. And maybe memory architecture. Atm I’m running in UMA mode, I’m planning to try NUMA in the coming days.

Are you running in UMA or NUMA mode?

honestly I do not know… where do i check from UMA o NUMA?
actually i am wondering if i am really using ram at 3200mhz

I dont know how to check for UMA/NUMA in Windows. Afaik you switch by changing a bios setting,
the setting should be called “Memory Interleaving”.

Based on that HWiNFO screenshot your memory is running at 1333 real MHz.
So 2666Mhz in ram producer marketing speak (we should actually call it 2666MT/s).

The bios screenshot confirms: “DRAM Frequency DDR4-2666”.

ram issue resolved … let’s see how it turns tonight

however, even by running 3 plots on parallel disks the cpu never goes to 100%

Good morning, with the ram at 3600 the timing dropped to about 8 hours for 5 plots in parallel … Better than before come on …

From 9 to 8 hours, that’s over 10% improvement. Not bad.

I’ve tested the NUMA mode and I don’t see any change.

Now it makes sense to use this CPU, have you ever done stable overclocking?

I need my machine to be rock solid, so no overclocking.