Ryzen 3600, 2x 1TB nvme, 24GB ram - Need help with optimizing SWAR

As the title says -
Ryzen 3600
2x 1TB nvme
24GB ram

I also mine with my gpu so need to spare 2 cores threads and 3.4GB ram.

I am currently running following config and feel that its highly inefficient.

This is my current Swar window. As you can see no new plot has started even after 120 mins -

Looks like the limit is set under global settings, that overrules any settings for the jobs so you have to set that to match the total of the jobs

Edit: actually your elapsed time doesn’t match the other times, so maybe you just need to restart the view in a new window.

  • CPU affinity, set to “true” if you want to keep threads reserved for the rest of the system. It counts threads, not cores so you have 12 (starting with 0 to 11)

for each 1TB you van run:
max 3 plots,
max 3-4 with early start
recommend max 1 in phase 1,
use 6 threads,
set the cpu affinity 4 till 11 for both jobs. (or 4-7 and 8-11)

That time mismatch is due to my pc’s clock being out of sync when I started Swar. Then I corrected it later, so time values are a bit off since then.

I actually meant 2 threads instead of cores. Stupid me writes without thinking.

Any reason why no new plot has started though It has already crossed 2 hour stagger time? Or is it due to time mismatch??

Anything else I need to change? Max_concurrent or sth? Just 1 in Phase 1? For each?

yes I would say the time mismatch is probably the cause.
(or the global settings)

least as possible in phase one (most cpu heavy part), use 4 or 6 threads per plot. you can assign more threads than you have total, it still uses it and goes a bit faster. Only phase 1 uses multi thread anyway, rest is single thread

Thanks for replying. But wouldn’t plotting 4 plots with 2 core each be better than 2 plots with 4 threads each in Phase 1?

Global -
Max_concurrent - 10
Max concurrent in phase 1 - 6
Minimum gap between jobs - 5 minutes

Running 75mins stagger on Gen4 and 90mins stagger on Gen3. 2 cores each. Is this good or can I optimize it more?