Ryzen 3600X, 32Gb, NVME 1TB Extreme slow 3 plots 24hrs

Hello Fellow Chia lovers

I am still plotting a small plot for almost 24 hours (no plot ready !!)

3 threads per plot
5 GB of mem

These were the results:
Plot 1:
Fase 1 : 11660 seconds (194min)
Fase 2: 6423
Fase 3: 40854 (???)

Plot 2:
Fase 1: 30000
Fase 2: 13544

Plot 3:
Fase 1: 41000 (683min)

I have 12 threads so there is no problem there
Memory i have enoough

Looks like the writing is to slow. The NVME drive reads and writes below 100mb per second.

Almost 24 hours have passed and plot 1 will be ready

Anybody any ideas?

Thanks Folks

If I had to guess I’d say you don’t have TRIM enabled for your NVME SSD. If so that will slow things down to a crawl really quickly.

Thanks for the answer eigenkiwano,

I will check … Thanks !!!


Try staggering your plots by 30 min to 1 hr, so start #1, wait, start #2, wait, start#3. Using concurrent same phase can congest resources. I have similar only 3600, 2x 1tb nvme, 3 plots each nvme, 30 min delay to each of 6 plots. Works fine, 6 running at a time that way.

Thanks for your reply @Fuzeguy

I have delay of 180 minutes between them!

How many plots do you do per day?

Trim is enabled on my plotting pc … any other tricks because this is very bad. I am running on windows btw.


14.5 p/day, I do trim often manually and regularly (schedule each day). Don’t get the problem w/it.

ok thanks … i put in random ddr4 memory … maybe there is a slow one in it.

Trim is enabled.

It’s the 5th plot so i do not know i i already need to trim manually … How do you trim manually?

Hello people,

I figured out what the problem is.

I had 2 Barracuda Q5 nvme’s … THEY REALLY ARE BAD.
If i had read earlier on this forum, i knew that this nvme is not for plotting.

I took the Evo 970 plus from my other plotting pc and now i rock 7 in par with about a plot time from 7 hours. So min 21 a day.

On my new build i am thinking about the 970 pro. This should be a beast without the cache problem.