Ryzen 5600x or 3700x?

Okay so my setup is as follow:

OS: Ubuntu 20.04 LTS
CPU: Ryzen 3 3100 (4c/8t)
Mobo: ASUS TUF b450-M Plus gaming
RAM: Team T-FORCE VULCAN Z 32GB (4x8GB) DDR4 3200
SSD: Sabrent 1TB Rocket Nvme PCIe 4.0 (plugged on Gen 3.0 Socket)

So i used to get around ~11 Plots/Day with Swar manager with 3 parallel plots (max 1 plot job in phase 1). Then i switched to Madmax plotter (same nvme for temp1 and 2) and now i get around 72 minutes for a single plot which is 20 plots/day

And now I’m going to upgrade the cpu but can’t decide which one i should go for, the 5600x (6c/12t) has more clock speeds and per thread perf. Or the 3700x (8c/16t) which obviously has more threads.

  1. So with my current PC which one i should go for that would help my plot timings with madmax and even with swar (In case i have to make the new portable plots with swar till madmax update his plotter) ?

  2. Also which one of those two i should get if i add another 1TB NVME plugged in a M.2 to PCIe adapter ?

I would appreciate any advice i can get.

I think they will perform almost exactly the same in terms of mad max plotting, so it depends on which one you can get cheaper. But I would go for the 5600x as it is faster for other non-multithreaded workloads and gaming, as well as it having a higher resale value.

Adding another SSD will just help offload some of the iOPS of the first SSD in some phases, further maximizing the CPU utilization after phase 1. I would use the SSD with the highest TBW rating and iOPS as temp2.

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I was leaning to the 5600x but just hesitated and wanted to know people’s experience in both of them. anyway thank you for the advice.