Same network 2 devices for chia plotting & farming

I’m using a master computer to write plots. It does both plotting and farming. There is a rasberry pi 4 on the same network. Italso farms. They both have the same wallet. I haven’t done anything (port forwarding conf etc). I just disabled upnp. What are your suggestions? Do you have a detailed document that you recommend describing the steps I need to follow?

the documentations on the GitHub. plotting on multiple machines.
but to start
the whole point of chia is this protocol. and your not using it with your current setup unfortunately
I attempted similar and found all sorts of problems in my log.
YOU MUST CONSULT THE LOGfile and attempt to decrypt it yourself. both the info and debug modes
$/chia configure --set-log-level DEBUG
$/chia configure --set-log-level INFO
you must create a main full node and at least a harvester to compliment eachother. or just run one full node gui setup. or there will be confusion and delays. stay away from nfs or smb. or other network file sharing.
for your “main node” to actually see the plots. follow the recommended full node and harvester setup to the letter from the GitHub.
turn upnp off on both harvester and full node.
and make sure your still getting connections.
forward port 8444 on your router. its quite simple and will give u 5x the connections to stay up to date
check the time you have on your machines make sure all are in sync.
$/chia show -s -c
make sure u can actually see the harvester talking to main node.
roughly explained for understanding mybe someone els wants to cover the details
so u creat 1 full node on one machine. run a plot. confirm it works. great. done.
moving one
to setup another machine use the cli ONLY. do not launch the gui.
setup the config.yaml file making a couple changes.
run chia for first time . ./activate.
run chia init
than rn chia keys generate

than you neeed to get a copy of your CA folder from machine one onto your second machine.
doesn’t matter how. usb … net share. sftp. whatever. get it somewhere on the second machine momentarily somehow.

than run chia init -c /path/to/ca/folder.

on the second machine u only ever want to start the harvester
so make sure u run
chia stop all
chia start harvester
than comb thru the logs and see the sweetness of a well oiled system with the ability to actually win
I don’t think anyones realllllly following all the rules… and I don’t think they willl ever win any chia. no validations. no proofs. not synced. slow response time. not passing filter. duplicate plots.
all things that are catastrophic for any setup. that aren’t made very clear anywhere in the gui.
all caused by not following directly the GitHub usually. it will look as tho everything running great. but if you have 2 full main nodes your shooting yourself in the foot on principle alone. the waisting bandwidth. and causing sync issues.

hope this helps. somewhat. just what my experience has taught me. im still learning tho.
trying to get as perfect as I can before I hit the autopilot on plotman and walk away for a year or 2.


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