Same pool with different launcher ID


I have two launcher IDs for the same Pool. How can I merge to the same launcher ID?
Let’s me try to explain:
I was in two different pools: Pool A with launcheID1 and Pool B with launcherID2. After changing Pool B to Pool A, I have a launcherID3 for the the Pool A. Now I am farming on Pool A (with x plots) with launcherID1 and Pool A (with z plots) with launcherID3.
How to have Pool A with x + z plots with a unique launched ID?
Maybe there is something I don’t understand when someone makes a switch to a pool

Thanks for your help.

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In essence this is not possible.

The launcher ID is tied to the “pool contract address” used to make the plots with and that cannot be changed afterwards.

They only thing that might be possible, is that the pool operator is able to add both launchers to the same account somehow but you would have to ask the pool you are with if they are able/willing to do that.


Thanks @Voodoo.

Or alternatively you can replot yout plots so that all your plots are with launcherID1, problem solved. :innocent:

Yes @uChiaFarmer , this is what I am thinking to do. But I see that each time the pool wins a block, I got some rewards with these two launcher IDs. Obviously, I get less rewards for the launcher ID with less plots (in that case only 106 plots), while I continue increasing my plots for the other launcher ID in the same pool.

Our pool uses payout address not launcher id so everything will appear on one page if you change it to the same one

i have 4 launcher ids here and each on has different payout address, how do I solve this?

Change the payout_instructions for every NFT you have.
The new Chia GUI (1.2.3) has this new option to change the payout_instructions to a different xch address or you do it like: Incident: Cold wallet self pooling - #14 by juppin

It seems replot is the only way.
But I messed up all plots with different launcher id ( pool contract address).
How to show out which plots have specified pool contract address.

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