Samsung 970 Pro + 5950x plots take 12 hours

I’ve got 2 970 PROs in RAID0 (total 2TB) and 4 Intel s4610 in RAID0 as well (also total 2TB), 5950x and 64GB of 3600Mhz RAM.

I’m using Swar plot manager and have the following config:
2 jobs - one for the Samsung temp and one for the Intel temp. Each has - 9 in parallel, 10 with start early, 4 at phase 1, 3800 RAM, 4 threads, 45mins of stagger, 128 set as a priority in windows.

For the past 10-12 days I’ve been noticing that the plots from the Samsung job are getting slower and slower and now are at a point where a Samsung plot takes more than 11:30 hours, while an Intel plot takes about 10:50 hours. They’ve both went up from something like 9 - 9:30 hours form two weeks ago. I notice that Phase1 and Phase3 in particular has went up by more than half an hour each (almost 4:30 for Samsung…). Do I overload my CPU? I have a good cooler and it doesn’t seem to throttle although it stays at 100% most of the time. Also, on one of my Samsung Nvmes the Temp2 in HwInfo stays at about 90 degrees which I believe is a lot. Could the drive throttle or something?

The previous setup was the same but with only 6 plots in phase 1 in total so 3 per job but the timings weren’t much better and were slowly climbing day-by-day…

Here’s a screenshot of the swar at the moment. You can see how the Intel jobs take over the Samsung ones…

Also, I’ve just noticed that “start early” plots have fired for both jobs, although only one is at phase 4. Does someone know why this may be?

Any insights?

Have you updated swar recently? I’ve had the same, changed to latest swar 2 days ago and plot time is now 8hrs up to 12hrs.

I haven’t updated it but as far as I see I’m with the latest version - 0.1.0b while the release in github says 0.1.0 idk if they’re the same.

Yes it’s being throttled down:

I have a decent airflow - 2x140mm + 1x120mm BeQuiet fans as intakes on the front, but the m.2s are under a wide aluminium heatsink, that is one piece with the cover of the chipset - it’s a x570 AsRock Steel Legend mobo and I can’t put heatsinks on them. Does anybody know if removing that aluminium plate would screw the cooling of the chipset?

Break the raid 0 on the Samsungs, treat them as separate drives with up to 3 plots each.
Go 2x2 raid 0 on the intels, but double check the raid software passes TRIM.

Schedule a TRIM on every SSD every hour. Those drives are getting hammered constantly and might never get to the asynch queued TRIM on delete, leading not just to enourmous slowdowns ! up to a factor 64 in the extreme) but also way more wear through write amplification.


so you know plotting on windows is slower then, I don’t know, plotting on ubuntu xfs temp drive with discard mount options. getcha ubuntu on, get conky configured too so you can see your bottlenecks and OG plotman installed.