Scamers wont eccept xch

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“ok… convert it to bitcoin, let’s get started immediately”

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All I read there was free lunch at Dave’s house don’t be late…

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You’re way braver than I am, I block and move on with scams. I worry about becoming their ‘special friend’ and having them go all relentless on me (email bombs, flooding texts, etc).

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What dosent kill you…

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Scammers wont accept free crypto?

I dont believe that one bit.

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Какое приложение вы используете, чтобы сохранить его

What app are you using to save it

Можете ли вы конвертировать его в биткойн
Can you convert it to bitcoin

хорошо… конвертируйте его в биткойн, давайте начнем немедленно

ok… convert it to bitcoin, let’s get started immediately

IMO, any scammer worth their salt would just convert it themselves.
Sorry, im still not convinced.

How do i know thats not you and your sock puppet?

Im to busy shaming microsoft wasting money

Well theres also the issue thst no where does it say in your translation

" i wont accept xch "

Cmon, it was a clickbait post any you know it.

Dont make the mistake thinking im scaming u , ur sense of judge ment is based on ur past jugment calls . And calling me scam is mistake so u will basicly pay havy price. Look the only thing thet set ur alarm is it he dont take freebis and well chia aint free chia demand adaptetion . Ask any one about chia , no one knows … bitcoin made waves in a quiet ocean and still no body heard . Now chia is in truble drauning in shitcoins . Maybe its off topic but can u tell me if chia capable of doing eterium stuff?

I didnt, where did i say that?

No logic i can see.
Scammers scam , so what they get is free, you misinterpreted me.

You mean smart contracts? if so, yes it can.

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