Script for replotting , replace old plot

I am plan to replot and looking for a quickest way how to do it. Seems like ideally I would just plug in drive with plots and everyone before copying new plot one old would be removed to make a space. This way you don’t need temporary drives.

This shouldn’t be that hard to do.

Any existing scripts to do?

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How much are you looking to replot?

Somewhere around 300 - 400TB

I would not replot that. Once your farm says “about a month” then start to consider pool plotting.

Certainly no harm in replotting 1:1 after pools are running? That’s what I’m planning on doing. Killing old plots as I make pool complaint ones. In theory your odds are the same that way.

sooner or later make sense to replot, so no reason not too. Plus this post is about how to replot not if.

My plan is make 6 new then delete 6 old. Rinse, repeat.

Ah, I see your viewpoint now. I will be plotting the new plots in addition to the old plots that I currently have. I won’t replace mine until I know what the expected return is with a pool. Remember, pools will drive their own reward schedule, fees, minimum withdraw’s, etc.

For me, those plots took a lot of time and energy to make to turn around and delete when you can farm them for 5-10 years.


Yeah that should be pretty easy to automatize. I guess can be done via plotman. It could just remove an old plot whenever some plot goes to final stages.

Absolutely! It is going to be a pain :sob:

Out of curiosity, anyone found some tool to use? I mean it should be simple enough. plotman could delete the oldest plot before copying new one

Anyone found something?

I will do it later… Windows Batch Script.
I jve ust finished and currently testing my current verstion which can staggering and plotting and spread plots across drives, total automatically.

Hmm looking something for linux too

Why we should replotting? that means deletes the oldest plots and make nes plots?

If you want to join a pool you need to create “poolable, portable plots”. As these are not available yet, we need to wait until they are. And as most ppl have filled their “spare” (cough) drives with the “old, not poolable plots”, they will want to replace those with the new ones.

I’m developing that feature set now for Ploto (A pure PowerShell based plot manager). Will hopefully be able to share it within the next days.

So it is possible already now to make this portable plots or we need to wait?
By the script it will be possible change old plot into the new one?

It is NOT possible yet to create those new plots. I’m just getting my toolchain ready for the release.

so I am wondering if to keep plotting or maybe wait :thinking:
what do you think here?