Script or tool to find all plots with contract key

So I messed up with some of my plots and and replotted plots without the pool contract key. So now the easy method of just checking the date of plots doesn’t work anymore.

So I’m trying to find a script or tool that lists the plots with contract key so I know which plots to delete.
So far I’m piping chia plots check to a file and then manually finding non pool plots from there, any other ideas?

Unfortunately, I don’t know of a simple script for that, but the Machinaris docker image (Chia fullnode + WebUI) does show a filterable list of solo (og) vs portable (nft) plots that it (and other Machinaris harvesters on the LAN) are farming.

Check out if interested.

Create inside with chia-blockchain with the following code: (should be easy to trust, very simple code)

Run python /path/to/dir/of/plots. You can also pass it a specific plot or a space-separated list of plots and directories.

This will call find_plot_files() which recursively finds all .plot files and parses the plot header into a dictionary. The key pool is puzzle_hash (bytes) for a portable plot or a public_key (G1Element) for a self plot.