Script which monitoring/ checking just generated plots and moving them to your main pc over lan

Hi , Script soon will be available for sale which scans your local shared drive if there were generated new plots and moving them to your main pc over LAN automatically.

very useful if you have more than one machine for plotting :slight_smile:

Basically, your main or master pc scanning over LAN shared folders if there was generated any plots
renames them to.TMP extension before coping to your selected location ones its gets copped completely renames it back to .plot extension.

Currently preorders only - price €100

if someone interest please contact me


Hahaha, you make me laugh… if you can compile a program, you can’t be that ignorant.
With just CLI+a_scheduled_task (repeat every 10 minutes, for example), I can do all that and more to my liking.
:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Here I give for free, it’s just 1 line (save as .bat):

move “Drive:*.plot” “Drive:”

You pay money to buy it? Ha ha ha ha ha. If you set the network drive in swar, it will be entered automatically. Besides that, there are several ways.

He wants to become rich quickly by selling a script. lol

you can laugh as many as u want :slight_smile: but when u running 15 machines x 5 drives in each for plotting, and 1 as a main it’s very handy, not trying to get rich but just trying to save time for other people

you dont need that script if u running 2-3 pc’s for plotting