Seagate 14 TB external USB + built-in 2-port hub: final price $299.99

For the above link, B&H Photo Video is listing the drive at $399.99.
But they have a $100.00 coupon to click on (on the same page), that is applied to your shopping cart.

The final price, $299.99 is the lowest price available for this drive, that I have seen, in several months.

There are less expensive 14 TB USB drives available, such as this one:

for $259.99

But you do not get the built-in 2-port hub that the $299.99 USB drive has.

By the way, I own several of the drives with the hub. They work great. No issues. No speed reduction for drives you plug into the hub.

The drives can be planted flat (taking up a bit of desktop real-estate), or they can rest on their side (saving space). They have rubber feet to use them in whichever orientation you choose.

Perhaps there will be better deals on Black Friday. But for this Seagate + Hub 14 TB drive, it is the lowest price I have seen for several months. And this model is available only up to 14 TB (there is no higher capacity for this model drive).

That price is terrible lol I just picked up 10 14tb drives 2 weeks ago for $199 each

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I wouldn’t buy hdds with a hub, because they take useful controller slots (1+n slot per drive) that could be used for other drives.

That was last week, which does not help anyone today.

The Seagate drive in this posting takes up 1 USB port, the same as any other USB device.

Then, you have 2 available USB ports that are on the Seagate drive.

So from 1 USB port on your computer, you can plug in 3 USB drives, with this drive being 1 of the 3.

What did you mean by “1+n slot per drive”?

I should have been more explicit. The drive itself is registered as a hub to your computer. One hub = 1 usb devices on your computer’s usb controller (for USB3 I believe this is actually 2 usb devices per hub).

That means, for each of these drives that you plug in, you are actually using up your host computer’s usb devices capacity for suboptimal capacity (you could be using larger-than-2 ports-hubs).

This means that one of this drive will use 1 slot for the usb hub + 1 slot for the drive itself, or 1+n slot per drive in this configuration (10 drives will use 20 slots). If they’re plugged in with USB3 cables, then probably 30 slots for 10 drives (and you’re already maxing out a rpi4 with just 10 drives).

Great for a few drives, but bad for many drives.


B&H is, again, selling this 14 TB + 2-port hub drive for $299.99

This is the lowest price I have seen this drive sell for.
I own a few, and have had zero issues. Drives connected to the hub work at full speed.

It is not the best bang for the per TB buck. But if the built-in 2-port hub is of interest, then this might be a good option for some folks.

Do you still have them q4tb?
If you don’t sell I am buying at 10.00 a tb.
Let me know.

I do not understand what you mean by “q4tb”?

By the way, I am not selling anything. This thread was created when I checked and saw that they had a relatively low price, and I shared that with this community.

Or are you inquiring about something else?