Seagate and WD surveillance HDD - EU market only

We sell Seagate and WD surveillance HDD only inside EU.

Prices - USD excl. VAT:
6Tb - $159.00
8Tb - $ 229.00
10Tb - $ 299.00

We are an IT company, so we will issue an invoice.

PM for details

Why the prices in $ if you are only selling in the :eu: ?

It looks like prises already go up, I used to buy 10TB below 200 Eur

that’s because our import prices ar also in USD, but we can issue the invoice in Euro based on the exchange rate of that day that we issue the invoice

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prices are skyrocketing
they are selling like hotcakes

I hope this price rocketing will stop this big expansion, today it expanding very fast.
At some point lot of people will just live, than it can drop very fast, and this can kill coin stabilitie

do you have a website?

Rising prices hit us as of may 7th and since then they are increasing day by day. I don’t know where this is going to…

@don_vlaxter Pls, pm for actual prices.

i bought a brand new 8tb drive yesterday in a shop for £130 in the uk, that’s only $180…