Seagate drive issue - bcd

I’ve a 8TB Seagate BarraCuda which threw up an issue upon scheduled harvester restart - SMART readings look ok & it’s still accessible & windows 10 reporting it remains full (presumably of my plots!)

However, only a few small files visible within the drive (attached image)
recovery text (0kb)

I’ve rebuilt the bcd in a windows boot drive before but never seen it with a pure storage drive.

it’s still under warranty so will RMA if needed but would be nice to save the plots

Any ideas?

The above is not part of your screen capture.
Perhaps your plot’s directory has taken on the attribute of a hidden directory?
Or perhaps your *plot files have taken on the attribute of hidden files?

You can navigate via Windows GUI to show you all files (including hidden and system files).
Or, via the command prompt, from the root of your drive, you can run

The above command will list every file on the drive, regardless of whether or not it is hidden.

Next, you can try a file recovery program, such as from:

But I am not sure if a recovery program is applicable, if your drive is full (as you wrote).

You can have Windows file manager sort your drive by file size (be sure that it will include hidden files, if necessary).
Your plots should be the largest files on the drive.

The command prompt syntax is:

– or –

dir/a/s/o-s (to reverse the size sort order)

If you choose to take the recovery route or the warranty route, then do not write anything to the drive. It will possibly make recovering your plots impossible.

When I sent a Seagate USB drive in for a warranty exchange, they asked me if I wanted them to recover any files. I asked them how much that would cost. They told me it was included with my warranty (meaning “free”).

They recovered my plots, and they put them on two drives. My drive was 14 TB. But apparently the recovery team did not have a 14 TB drive handy. So they split my recovered files between two smaller drives.

Those two drives were basically gifts. They told me to keep them.
And their warranty department (which is separate from their recovery department) sent me a 14 TB drive. In total, I ended up with my 14 TB drive being replaced, plus two additional drives containing all of my recovered plots (3 drives with a total of 28 TB of capacity).

I did not know that my USB drive included free data recovery. Perhaps all Seagate drives qualify? So check.

And I suggest that you initiate your warranty claim via a phone call. This way, you can describe your issue, to be sure your drive will quality for their warranty service (it would suck to send in your drive, only to have them send it back to you because they deem it to not need servicing). You can also verify whether or not your warranty includes free file recovery.

If you end up sending in your drive, and it has free recovery, then be sure to mail your drive to the address for the recovery team, and not the address for the warranty team.

Seagate will e-mail you a shipping label. Be sure that it came from the recovery team (ask the person on the phone to specify the address that the label should have). In my case, Seagate sent me two labels, with two different addresses. The labels arrived two days apart. The one that arrived first was the wrong label, and cause all kinds of headaches.

I believe the recovery team is in Oklahoma, and the warranty team is in California (assuming you are in the USA).
After the recovery team is done with your drive, they coordinate with the warranty team. So the drives you will receive will come in separate shipments.

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Really helpful reply - appreciate you taking the time to respond! Will try some of those suggestions

(EDIT - no hidden files visible)

I’ve had good experiences with Seagate in the past - RMA has always been really quick & easy

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I concur.
Apparently, Seagate identified everything that Western Digital does, and does the opposite.
(my way of saying that WD’s process is designed with agita as a priority)