Seagate Exos 18 TB at 329 EUR

Just found the Seagate 18TB Exos 18 for 329 EUR at – and for 319 EUR at

Crazy … seems to be a flash sale that alternate started and mindfactory just reacted. You can buy max. 2 drives at once. Well … thats 330 plots more end of next week :smiley:

and none of them ships in France :frowning:

Mindfactory seems to have option for all over europe

Edit nevermind…I see the problem, Holland is out to :zipper_mouth_face:

Sorry :frowning: I didn’t check the shipment options

359 at, still a pretty good price for 18TB…

539 for IronWolf Pro version with similar specs?!? Why would anyone buy those???

Dont worry about it thanks for sharing!
I’m going to have it delivered to our german office :sunglasses:

I actually bought six of them for my NAS back in January. They were at 495 EUR at that time. They are a bit more power efficient and definitely less noisy. The NAS sits in my home office so noise was critical.
Having said that I now have the exos running also here and did a stress test on the first one - today I would not go for the Ironwolf pro anymore as the Noise difference is not that huge.