Seagate Exos x16 ,x18 on normal windows pc...?

Hi friends,
just a question about the Seagate Exos x16, x18 range, are they compatible with a normal windows pc with sata connection or is it sas connection?

if anyone could advise me, i would like to buy some, thanks in advance

They have both sata and sas models, so just need to buy the right one


I have 12 16tb x18 sata and works fine under win10

Western digital 18tb better choice
Check this trusted website
Selling original HDD with competitive price

Why would WD be better than Seagate?

Seems like you are just very keen to promote that website all the time

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  1. Seagate price is higher
  2. WD have longer life

Lol noticed the same :wink:

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In the UK Seagate are a lot cheaper than WD.

They are in the US also.

but In France, everything is expansive… :frowning:
just for fun: Disque Dur SATA 3.5" pas cher - Achat au meilleur prix !

Pour la France, check this topic not perfect but 3TB ones are in my opinion cheap

I only have a rig with 8 sata connection and a pcie expansion with 6,
also I only take drives between 10 and 18 TB,
then I will see for usb3 ^^? (i don’t know yet if there are fast enough)

Actually best prices can be found on Alternate (even better than amazon)
I know they deliver all over Europe…

Also just bought an exos x18 18to 388€, not bad^^

For Chia farming? yes more than fast enough, I have 6x external 12 TB hdd connected via USB 2.0 and works fine

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Of course also check out : Disk Prices (FR) for the best Amazon prices

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