Seagate IronWolf Pro

I am considering purchasing some Seagate IronWolf Pro drives.

My questions to those having experience with them are:
– Are they noisy? I want to avoid noisy drives.
– Are they reliable? Have you had issues with them?

I could not find much info on the drive’s noise level.
Some folks reported noises, and others reported that the drives run quietly. Perhaps the noisy ones happen to have issues?

Anyone using them that can share their experience?

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Hello s.k,
I have 18 x 16TB Iron Wolf Pro in a Synology NAS and 13 x 8TB Iron Wolf in another NAS. As yet I haven’t had any issues regarding reliability.
On the noise front I would say that’s subjective. Fairly quiet until Chia starts to check for proofs. Then a whole bay can start to rumble at you. The spec I have says 28dB for idle and 32dB for seek as typical values.
I am about to experiment with a Qnap TR-004. Might try Seagate Exos, they seem to be a lot cheaper. I have 2 x 18TB Exos in my PC and they seem to work fine.


When I researched Seagate’s Exos drives, a common characteristic that people mentioned was that they were noisy (which is fine for a data center, or a dedicated server room, etc). But I want quiet drives. I understand that all mechanical drives make noise. I am just seeking out the ones that make less noise.

Does your assessment of your Exos drive’s noise level concur with what I read from other on-line forums / reviews?

Which drives are quieter between your IronWolf Pro drives and your Exos drives?

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I’m sure the NasCompares website folks have done various comparisons on Seagate drives. I can’t remember if this video talks about the noise: New Seagate 20TB Ironwolf Pro and EXOS Hard Drive Fully Revealed - YouTube
In my situation that’s quite difficult to answer. I sit about 18 inches from my nas system. The 2 exos drives are under the table buried in the pc with a rampant fan, especially when plotting.
Honestly, in my case, I can’t say there is any audible difference.


One other thing to bear in mind. All my NAS drives are blocks of 5 disks in RAID 5 or blocks of 8 disks in RAID 6. So when Chia kicks off, the whole block starts to rumble. If your disks are set up in a non RAID configuration I would imagine it would be quieter.


In my experience, I never had a faulty IronWolf, but I had a ton of Exos dying on me

At 28:05 mark, Nascompares does an SPL test at full smoke and gets over 34 db on the meter. It of course won’t be that bad for farming or probably most of plotting but it was the noisiest drive he tested.

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I do not know where he has the microphone for his testing.
If it is 6 inches away, then that might not be an issue for me, when sitting 20 feet away.

My Chia set-up is in an alcove that is adjacent to my living-room.
When I am watching TV, I do not want to hear clanking from drives.

Even more important, when I am listening to music, I do so with purpose (not just background music). I like to listen intently. Hearing clanking, while music is playing quiet passages, would be a bummer.

Up until now, I have only external USB drives (several varieties), and they are all quiet. Perhaps their enclosures muffle their sound? Perhaps they are lower RPM drives that make less noise?

I have the following USB models:
– Seagate Expansion
– Seagate Hub+
– LaCie Professional (contains a Seagate drive)
– Sandisk G-Drive (contains a WD drive)
– WD EasyStore
– WD Elements
– WD My Book

None of them are noisy.

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You won’t want Exos X16 16TB drives then. I wouldn’t call them noisy, but they do make a clunk and grind each time proofs are checked. I quite like it, but in your situation I would say avoid.

I have 16 IronWolf Pro’s (8TB each) in 2x NAS devices. I can’t hear them unless I boot the NAS device up and the RAID6 array is scanned. Even then it is barely audible, but these are located in a server room with other servers and A/C on, so general noise level is higher than your living room. These are not used for Chia farming however so there is no ‘regular’ seek activity.

I guess the best way to tell for your use-case is to try one and see. You can always offload it here if it’s too much for you.


hae had good experience with seagates warranty. Although, be aware shipment to their center is not covered and might be up to 60 including tax!

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Where are you based? In the uk i dont believe you pay tax on the return of malfunctiioning equipment, or its return to you.

Located in switzerland. They do have a service to send the drive to in zurich but the drive comes back from another country.

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Ah, ok, the uk have codes to categorize for import taxes, theres a special one here for fixed goods being returned to customers that doesnt require the collection of tax.

I am using Seagate ST3000NC000. It is working fine for me.

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