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I have a farm with friends and I would like to make some operations more automatic, I am currently managing everything with excel but I would like to study a specific program. If anyone is interested write me …!

What are you managing with excel?

I am managing the farm shares, winnings, the division of prizes and keep the history.
It would be nice then to send the winnings automatically (at the moment I manually create a ps1 file and run it)

So you are an informal pool if I get it.

You could simply create an NFT for each member with their plots in it, but this would have to be done form the start or implemented along with your pools growth.

Otherwise, I’m no pool protocol expert, but I think you could setup a real pool which would do all of what you want automatically, but again, it would need each member to have their own NFT.

Yes, the farm is alone and I take care of the complete management, so no swimming pool and no NFT.
Participants contribute with the costs and receive their own dividend proportionally

I like it, lol! We can always use some more local communal effort and trust.

As for your spreadsheets, what you want to do is done by the NFT/pooling protocol. I wish you luck, but I doubt you will find many helpers to solve/code solutions that have already been implemented for most peeps both running and using pools.

You are probably faced with the choice of continuing your spreadsheets or upgrading your farm to a true NFT pool.

Be well! :smiley:

The farm is unique, so the NFT solution is not adequate.
It is just a logistical management.
Obviously I don’t ask for free help, I am willing to commission this project, but I have to find someone who is available …

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