Security when plotting and maybe farming on dedicated servers

I have few dedicated servers (very old) which I would like to use for plotting and possibly farming since my storage at home is almost full and I am not going to buy more.
How can I at least plot and possibly farm on the servers without revealing the keys to the guys that take care of the servers? They keep the servers running and often log on to them to check if anything needs to be fixed, and I am totally fine with that since information that I add on them is totally useless to anyone.
But now there is a chance that I get that info stolen if I install GUI with my codes that i use at home.

Not a tech guy, can make something from a good tutorial or clear instructions :slight_smile:
Any sort of help or information on how to do this would be appreciated!

That’s strange.

Usually colocation services ensure that power and internet is delivered to the server, and will “remote hands” if you ask them to… but they don’t “often log on” to the servers colocated in their space. I would consider that very unusual!

I they have administrator accounts, there will be very little you can prevent.

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Thanks all for the help !
Ill go with the ploting for now.
Any recommendation for farming from the cloud?

Thing with most of the other cryptos so far was if it were profitable it would be oversubscribed to the point where it wasn’t.