Seeing this? "goodbit, failbit, badbit, eofbit: 0402"

I typically run a full node with the GUI up as well. After moving to v1.1.6, I’m seeing electron spit this out on the console every so often- goodbit, failbit, badbit, eofbit: 0402

It doesn’t seem to cause any issue but curious if others are seeing it and what the cause might be.

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Yup I’m seeing the same - curious if there’s a reason.

Noticed on 1.1.6 that my log files doesn’t display remote harvester info anymore either- but they show up in gui

same issue since 1.1.6

For me it looks like it is related to moving a plot from one location to another. At least on my system this only appeared when I moved plots.

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That could be the case for me then, I have two offline plotters, then I drop the plots on the farmer.

Looks like some forgotten debug info: I think a print statement was left in: 'goodbit, failbit, badbit, eofbit: 0402' · Issue #418 · Chia-Network/chia-blockchain-gui · GitHub

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ok for me this was because I had 4 plots that weren’t complete. They must have got borked on a move over to the drive or something. they were all under 108gb. ran a plot check, deleted the 4 plots, so far so good.