Seeking plot files k-32

hello guys i am seeking normal k-32 plot files with cuda (non compressed)
my current cost 0.05 per plot files. i am using cloud server for that. i am seeking lower price. i can not pay more please do not offer.

here you are my rules.

1- i never make payment first.
2- if you accept chia you will receive your payment dayly
3- you can upload files to cloud. when you upload files to cloud your job is done. if something happen after your upload thats not your problem, thats mine.
4- if we trust each other i am planing long term plotting around 1 pb, after finished this i can buy wd sn 750 for you free (500 gb) or i can pay hard drive price to you. its around 50 usd on amazon now.


I don’t know your cloudserver but plotting at 0.005 per file (what currency?) seems quite low, considering the server specs you need to plot with CUDA in terms of GPU…

Also, having others plot for you will reveal your keys and that’s not necessarily a smart thing to do…

Why don’t you buy your own hardware and plot yourself, really easy and less than $2k investment can get you 3 minute plots, which avoids all the delays of uploading 100GB plots to the cloud…

0.05 usd mean 0.5 usd per tb.
so i can plotting 1 pb totally 500 usd. why i spend 2000 usd ?

Because somebody will have the keys to your wallet and your plots and may all of a sudden to do a little withdrawal…

Plotting is 500 USD for 1 PB in plots? I’m surprised… would you be able to share more and how you did that? Event the smallest GPU package of AWS would cost more than that for 1 PB…

i am still seeking plot files.