Seeking plots took too long

I have my full node (3422 plots) and 3 remote harvesters (1160, 1160 & 288 plots). Suddenly today my full node has been spitting out chiadog notifications stating “Seeking plots took too long: 20.57… seconds!”. The times have ranged from 20 seconds to 46 seconds. There have been 7 notifications in the last 4 hours. Nothing has changed on my node. It is a heavily built system (used to be a plotter) and has a 60 drive JBOD attached and one external USB drive. Any ideas on what may be going on?

You are not alone. I have numerous, similar messages, but the complaints are for 6 or 7 seconds.

Any plots that I check, via “chia plots check -g whatever.plot” falls well below 5 seconds. Yet Chia v1.2.9 is complaining. My plots are on USB drives.

I look forward to reading about a solution.

To give everyone a little more information, I am running the latest (1.2.11) version and up until today, I have had zero issues. This version has been installed since it came out (November 4th). Been two and half weeks on this version without any issues. Don’t think it is the version, but who knows.