Self-pooling but nothing to claim after winning a block

Recently leave Space pool and switch back to self pool. I win a block but only received 0.25 XCH to the xch_target_address and the chia plotnft show shows 0 claimable rewards. I go to check the rewarded coin, and find out the 1.75 XCH been sent to the ‘Pool Contract Address’ of the plotnft.

Another thing I find is the plotnft was in INVALID state when the block win. Could that cause the problem? Is it possible to get back the lost XCH?

Also want to make sure that I didn’t config anything wrong. So that I won’t miss next reward.

You did not change the reward address after you switched to solo? Switching doesn’t switch the pool reward address, you have to change it too.

Just contact spacepool and they’ll return to you the 1.75xch.

Thanks. The reward address was there since day 1, no change of config during leaving the pool.

So are you saying that space pool received the 1.75 XCH? Thanks, let me try to contact them.

If it went to space, you will see it on space as an unclaimed block reward.
I saw one on my account and they sent it to me after verifying I owned the acc / wallet.
I’d check on the space gui.