Self pooling claim reward wrong address?

I moved away from pooling. After claiming the 1.75 reward, it goes to an address that is not tracked in the tokens tab. I looked up the address and can confirm there was a mojo used, which I’m guessing is the self pooling NFT? Anyways, there was an original problem where the .25 was going to my old OG plots address. I changed the system to use a new pooling address after I noticed the payout address was to the old OG address. Could this be part of the same problem? However, I can’t change that claim address. Here is the address that the claimed reward goes to Chia (XCH) Address xch169c9u4krlrqx4wkaxfxj65hjwgu0phrfkdzs66g6j3gyevfjrnjs4z2h8m | XCHscan

Few possibilities could have caused this.
Upgrading the client sometimes changes payout addresses, always check all 3 after upgrading the client.

You can change nft payout addresses on the nft iteslf, 3 vertical dots on the top right of the nft.

If it went to an address you dont own, consider it lost.

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How do I view the nft to get to the 3 dots?

@Bones To throw fuel on the fire. I noticed the claim address was the same as the address listed as my receive address in the tokens tab. I generated a new receive address and the claim confirmation shows the newly generated receive address. After winning another block, I check the claim receive address is still showing the same (new address) and confirm the reward. The reward goes to the old address, from the link I posted.

From this point, I feel there is still some OG address having an impact… so I’m going to reset things and try again…

Pool tab.

I wouldnt bother resetting.
Do you farm poolable ( nft ) plots?
Do you also farm og plots?

Id just change all addresses on nft’s you have with plots added to an address you own.
Then change your other 2 addresses in the gui under " manage farming rewards " to an address you own.

They can all be the same address.

Also, pools can change your reward address, did you change it to one you own when you left your pool?

I think there is a problem with the claim spend. Not sure though. Any who, the 3 dots in the pool tab do no have a way to change the payout address… its just; ‘add a plot’ and ‘delete unconfirmed transactions’. (chia version 1.6.1) I’ve already deleted the config and keyring. Everything came back up just fine and all of the addresses were changed. The cool thing is now the payout address, claim rewards address and the receive address all match. I’ll post back after another win (5 day average).

There must be a way to change nft payout address!
And afaik its always been on the nft since they created nft’s.

Can anyone on 1.6 say how pls?

You can read here to see where to change it in .yaml.

Just won again. The claimed reward went to the same old address… I think this is simply a wallet issue since I can check the address with the cli. I’m doing one last thing. Joining a pool and then go back to self pool. Perhaps it will start tracking properly? I’ll post back.

Oh, edited to say that the menu option you were referencing is showing up when I’m connected to a pool, not self pooling.

Ah, ok, i gave up self pooling long ago.
Who do you pool with?
Many lost rewards from not leaving properly and the pool claming the reward.

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While your in pool, maybe try changing the address?
I think that info is then stored on chain for that nft.

Seems weird that option isnt available when solo, as the other 2 addresses you can change are for .25 rewards and 1.75 from og plots.

Ah, i missed