Self-Pooling: Send Pool Rewards to Cold Wallet When Claiming Them

Hey everyone,

does anybody know what the current best practice is to send the 1.75 XCH pool reward directly to a cold wallet when self-pooling?

There was a request on GitHub some time ago to be able to change the rewards address attached to the self-pooling plot NFT, but it doesn’t look like any progress was made in that direction:

I also found a few posts on reddit that suggest to just edit the target address in the config.yaml. However, those posts are up to almost 10 months old, which was shortly after official pooling was introduced. I am not sure if something has changed since then.

I’d appreciate all input.

Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

I don’t know yet how this will work since I just started solo farming a little while ago.

But the NFT reward address is still set to my cold wallet from when it was in the pool, that might do the trick but like I said can’t give confirmation on that just yet.

Edit: Guess not:
The answer here seems pretty clear, can’t be done for now.

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Thank you! Sorry, I totally overlooked that referenced bug report that you linked to in the request I posted.

I guess the manual route is still the way to go and by it requiring two transactions instead of one.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Sorry, for a novice’s question. How did you transfer your XCH from the pool wallet to your cold wallet? I’ve just won some XCHs but only 0.25 XCHs went directly to my cold wallet.

I’ve figured it out. Since I’m farming using the CLI, I had to claim the rewards by running

chia plotnft claim -i 2

After that the rewards was sent to standard wallet. And then I could transfer it to my cold wallet’s address.