Sell Chia plots files 1.1PB on 15K USDT

I have 1.1 PB plots that stored on AWS S3, now I want to sell all my plots.

Price: 1.5 USDT/Plots
Plots count: 11477

I will hand over my AWS account and Mnemonic words to you.

Any one who want to buy my plots, please leave message or email to

Please note, store on S3 need pay the storage fee.

$23/TB/mo in storage or $9 per plot in bandwidth to download them. Profit left this setup behind a long time ago didn’t it? There’s a reason you don’t want it anymore.


Wait. Really? $23 per TB a month? So, to store 10 plots, is $23 a month?

Yup. Half that if you can manage with “infrequent access”. There’s also a charge for API calls, and you’ll be making a bunch if you’re farming from S3.

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Infrequent access costs 1/2 as much per TB, but twice as much to access. Might work out better, but I’m not even going to work it out, it will still be obscenely expensive.

If you have somewhere physical to store all this, the cheapest way to get the data out would be with AWS Snowball(s) - that will still cost around 30K USD just for transfer fees, but that’s better than paying that every month, cheaper than direct download, and I assure you that whatever convoluted route you take otherwise to try and get this data out, AWS will charge you for it. AWS is great for a lot of things, but it is not cheap.

This is a debt printer - it might have been potentially ever so slightly profitable with a tiny netspace and a high XCH price, but I can’t see it ever being so again.


Hey, Can you share how you were able to Plot that much? what specs are you using?
How many plots a day were you able to make? and can one buy less plots? thanks

Not even slightly suspicious that someone who joined *checks* 2 hrs ago wants to buy the loss machine. :smirk:

But, giving benefit of the doubt, it is a bad idea to buy plots made with someone else’s key, and an even worse idea to buy what you know is less than all of the plots made on someone else’s key - if you trust the person you’re buying plots from, fair enough take the risk, but if you believe that person is potentially selling plots made with that key to other people, you’d have to trust all of the (unknown) people that person is selling the plots to as well - you’d all have access to the same key.

If you want cloud plots, pretty much any plotting service will make plots for you with your own key for this price or less, and without the AWS egress fee.

If you want to make your own massive recurring financial liability - find out which instance class in AWS has the best specs for the current spot price, rent loads of them and plot away. Individual instance specs barely matter if you rent enough. The difficult bit will not be making plots, it will be getting them out of AWS.


:clap: :clap: This is exactly how I feel. I seriously see like no value in buying anyone’s plots or cloud “investment” mistake. I want plots I either create them myself or if I want it super fast pay a service to plot my own plots and I know I never need to worry about theft.


hahah this is some funny stuff. Did you hear the one about the guy who plotted a petabyte in the cloud on one of the most expensive cloud providers that exists?
Look mate just delete the plots, you won’t sell them in a billion years.

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If you want to salvage your work and are not out of cash you could ask your cloud storage provider if they will sell you your plotted HDDs and then farm them yourself.

1.1PiB could still have good value to you but will be almost impossible to unload to anybody else.

I can still buy externals for close to $23 per TB. Why would you ever pay for that every month? Even if you had to buy a bunch of computers, with lots of USB slots, with lots of USB hubs, it would pay for itself after 2, maybe at the most, 3 months, and you would actualy ahve the equipment.

Not nice to kick a guy when he’s down.

Lotta peeps bet wrong on cloud storage and plotting and are hurting now.

The rest of us doing our own plotting and storage are not much better off.

Might be laughing at us next …

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I could of told you from the beginning not to pay $23 per TB per month for cloud storage… And I am just about as newb as newb gets

You have gotten your conversations mixed up. It was not I whom you kicked.

I spent many hours steering others away from cloud storage and plotting.

I have never spent a penny on either.

This whole thread has become a bit useless … the original poster has never returned, lol! :woozy_face:

Okay so here’s why I’m kicking.

People who plotted in the cloud are lazy af :smiley: they also over inflate the network size, due to needing 10x more plots than everyone else because of the peanut margins, which I assume wins them around 10x more coins (correct me if I’m wrong) therefor reducing our (people who plot on their own machines/ssds/hdds) chances of winning that tasty tasty chia.

These cloud plotters have done us out of our hard earned CHIA lolol

My hours of trawling eBay for someone selling HDDs for a decent price, the many moments of anguish I felt losing auctions I was sure where in the bag but then some git with infinite money knackers me with 2 seconds to go :smiley: I’d have been far better compensated had it not been for cloud bastards sucking up all the coin with their monster cloud farms. :smiley: #Kicks some more# #headbutts# #Vertical simplex# #HADDDOOOOOOKEN#

The peep yer kicking has not been here since he first posted.

Cloud plotting and farming is already dead, and so is this thread.

Cant say I was paying much attention to when he was last online pal, not that invested in it, just having a laugh :smiley: well I wish they would hurry up and delete their farms and kill some of that network space.

All good pal! :grinning:

Enjoy! :crazy_face:


touching on that… with all the complaining about network size right now… is it reasonable to think that a lot of the people who have been plotting in the cloud and are now at a loss will have to cut off all those cloud plotters… when they do the network size will decrease and rewards go up (provided price doesnt keep falling lol)

Fingers crossed dude, i want my chia haha