Sell Chia (U.S.)

Trying to figure out where to sell XCH in the US. None of the exchanges appear to list it. Last time I sold I actually sold on MEXC and then exchanged and moved the funds in crypto, but their wallet appears to be disabled and most everywhere seems to be trying to get Drivers licenses to do sales any more. Is there still any way to do anything with this currency?

You can sell Chia using offers to USDS and then USDS to Stably.

Or you can use KuCoin.

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Someone should start a “LocalChia”, to spread the good seeds!

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Have you (or anyone else here) used KuCoin?

Do they actually require ID verification from U.S. users? Definitely not comfortable giving the info to this company, registered in Seychelles. As with any exchange, it’s not like this exchange or their ID verification partner is actually capable of vetting an ID, or knowing whether it is me, or someone who stole my identity trying to verify.

Is deposit and withdrawal of XCH easy and/or do they even allow withdrawal of XCH to a wallet?

I searched all over their own website for actual business information about that company and found nothing.