Selling 10000 plots for 1$/plot

The plots are in cloud so if nobody will buy I can only destroy all of them because I don’t have HDDs to store them. I will give you the plots as well as the private key. You need to download them to your local or cloud farm.
The price is negotiatable.
The trade must be based on trust because though I promise I will destory the private key after the trade is completed, the buyer has no way to confirm it. But, you own the plots and if I steal 2 coins from your wallet, you can delete the plots. And I definitely will never do that because I am not a thief.
I accept payment through paypal. If you have interest please send email to me : jiangly_at_gmail_dot_com

Telegram? VIBER? WhatsUp?

I can give you my cloud account and you can do whatever you like.

You can get to me by telegram:jly77

I do not understand. 10,000 plots and you can’t make money?

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They are in cloud so I have to pay monthly fee and the return is low. If somebody has the HDD he can download them to local.

But 10,000 plots should give you good rewards! Have you already tried NetDrive3 or rsync?

No, I have no HDDs and no plan to buy some because it’s too expensive these days.

NetDrive3 mounts a virtual drive on the PC and the files (plots) appear in a folder…

That’s same for me. I need to pay cloud fee :slight_smile:

Got another 2 blocks ( 4 coins ) after I created this topic.

Jesus this is depressing… 10k plots and your returns are so low you want out.

I’m in the throws of plotting ~2300 or so before running out of space and I was already Yacht-shopping… I better stick to playing with leaves in the pool :slight_smile:


Well I think Chiapro’s problem is more in the cost of the could server than in the rewards

What is the current cost involved for keeping the plots in the cloud?

Probably too much for 4 coins per week. 10,000 is about one petabyte of farm space, a week’s of farming is about 4000 * 7 tries with 1/13,000 luck.

Yeah did some quick calcs even with cheap 4$ per TB you are looking at far more than expected yearly income. (around 4K for the plots per month and maybe 20-28K usd per year at current prices and depending on network expected growth). I guess the time of cloud hosting plots is soon over.

Correct. Cloud is for short term profits, so I wish to sell them to someone that has local farm.

You are right. It’s all about luck. I have 10500 plots now and the chance to hit a block in 24hr is 27.9%

Price Update: I will sell my total 11397 plots for 2000$ now.

Ok, let’s pretend I’m interested - lets say I’m on 50Mbps broadband, and my ISP isn’t going to mind me downloading a PB - that will take 5 years to download. I could get say, 500Mbps broadband if I paid a lot more money, but that’s still going to take 6 months to download.

Depending on the cloud provider there may or may not be faster ways to get this data out, but they will not be cheap.

I’m going to save you time, nobody will buy these - it is an awful value proposition. If you made a profit on them already congrats good work, but if it’s not profitable for you now and you see no possible way to make it profitable, why are you trying to dump it on somebody else? Not trying to be mean, I just don’t want to see some naive person thinking that this is worth anything when it’s clearly worth a negative amount of money.

Making a ton of XCH quickly might have been smart, the fact that you didn’t delete these as soon as the profit margin started to disappear is not.