Selling 160TB of plots (Australia/NZ only) for $10k USD

I’ve got 160TB of plots on 10*16TB Seagate hdds that I’m looking to sell for $10k USD.

International shipping is too complicated but I could easily get them to anywhere in AU or NZ.

Anyone interested, please shoot me a DM :slight_smile:

pretty sure you need to have plotted with a farmer key related to their node for them to use it unless you plan on handing over a full node /farmer/wallet

Yes it would have to be the full node.

You are asking more than $60/TB, that’s too high. If the buyer doesn’t trust you, they’ll need to replot, so the drives are worth only marginally more than if they were used and empty.

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I’m happy to take offers!

Are you living in Sydney?

Price reduced to $7k USD!

I could get them to you in Sydney easily enough.

:smiley: :smiley: You made my day… :smiley:

Go for at least 30k, 50k or more.
10k feels like charity :smiley:

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Discovery…I’m an old geezer (wrong side of 50), need to do the hands on.

Would like to sight the drives, determine age, usage, env etc. Do u reside in Australia?

You should not buy pre-plotted plots. They have been plotted with the public key of the seller. If you win chia, the seller can take those coins.

The only way you should buy plots, is by buying them to be custom made with your own public key.

That means, plots are made to order. If the plots already exists, you have no control over who has the key to the wallet.


Thanks for the heads up, yes I’m aware of the plot structure etc. Issue in Australia at the moment is price and availability of disks.

I’ll be passing on this one.

Thanks for correspondence, managed to order some drives from umart.

Good luck.

Are you still selling your har drives??