Selling 18tb hdd (x5), and 2 plotting ssds. 500+ plots on hdds free of cost (optional)

Life happens, and im looking to get out of chia mining. Im not looking to scalp any of these items, assuming whoever is buying is going to buy to use it for themselves, and not to just turn around and scalp them.

Looking to sell my setup for $5000. Selling locally, in the Los Angeles area.

Here is what I have:

WD Gold 18tb x5 (msrp: $650)
Micron 5300 Pro 4tb (msrp: $755)
Micron 5300 Pro 2tb (msrp: $420)
5 Drive bay (will throw in free of cost)
5 USB3.0 to sata adapters, with power (will throw in free of cost)

Total msrp ~$4425, including tax and shipping my total investment ~$5000.

The HDDs are not full, but have about ~550 plots at the time of writing. If the buyer would like to keep these plots I will leave them on the drives and provide the private key on sale.

The life on the SSDs should still be very high, they were purchased new. They have only been used to plot 550 plots on the WD drives.

What about for $1000 ?

My post doesnt seem to be editable anymore? I noticed a typo.

Selling the system for $4000. Not $5000, which was the original investment as stated in the post.