Selling 202TB Fully Plotted Mixed HDDs - Canada Only

Hi All,

I’m located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada

All prices are quotes in canadian dollar.
I’m not expecting the full amounts shown

I farmed chia for almost a year now and these drives were bought brand new months ago with minimal wear on them.

I’m willing to sell them plotted so you can start farming asap but the NAS drives are in a JBOD Setup and may need to be replotted.

All K32 Plots

If not I am willing to sell them individually.

I will hand over my chia keys if fully purchased after I move my coins.


Below are the following Drives:


[F ST12000VN0008-2PH103 12000.1 GB $310.00 IN]

[E ST10000VN0008-2PJ103 10000.8 GB $285.00 IN]

[H ST10000VN0008-2JJ101 10000.8 GB
$285.00 IN]

[G ST12000VN0008-2PH103 12000.1 GB $310.00 IN]

[L ST12000NE0008-2JL101 12000.1 GB $310.00 EX]
Q ST8000DM004-2CX188 8001.5 GB $230.00 EX
N ST14000NM001G-2KJ103 14000.5 GB $335.00 EX
O WDC WD180EDFZ-11AFWA0 18000.2 GB $530.00 EX
K ST12000NM001G-2MV103 12000.1 GB $310.00 EX
P ST12000NM001G-2MV103 12000.1 GB $310.00 EX
M ST14000NM001G-2KJ103 14000.5 GB $335.00 EX
W ST12000NM001G-2MV103 12000.1 GB $310.00 EX
I WDC WD180EDGZ-11B2DA0 18000.2 GB $530.00 EX
V WDC WD4003FFBX-68MU3N0 4000.7 GB $173.00 IN
Z ST14000NM001G-2KJ103 14000.5 GB $335.00 EX
NAS 1 TOSHIBA HDWG21C (SATA)- 12000 GB $375.00 IN
NAS 2 ST10000VN0008-2JJ101 10000.8 GB $305.00 IN
NAS 3 ST10000VN0008-2JJ101 10000.8 GB $305.00 IN
NAS 4 ST10000VN0008-2JJ101 10000.8 GB $305.00 IN

Still. When you have the keys, you still have access to any xch the other person farms in the future. Hence, it is not worth buying plots for a key other than the one you exclusively have.

I personally prefer to sell the drives but if they want to farm without plotting then its up to them.

I’m just looking to get some of my investment back.