Selling 220TB USB3 drives for 20 EUR/TB full with 2000 plots

I am selling my chia setup.
I collected around 220 TB on usb3 drives, full with plots for 20 EUR/TB. The disks are EXT4 formatted.

The plots were never used in any pool! (no banned plots)

I plotted them with two different keys so I can split the farm into two parts: 76TB and 144TB.

The disks are:
14x Seagate Backup Plus Hub 8TB (3.5", chuckable)
2x Seagate Backup 8TB (3.5", chuckable)
2x Seagate Backup Plus Hub 12TB (3.5", chuckable)
1x Seagate Backup Plus Hub 10TB (3.5", chuckable)
4x Seagate Portable 5TB (2.5", chuckable)
1x WD Elements 12TB (3.5", chuckable)
2x WD MyBook 8TB (3.5", chuckable)
1x WD MyBook 10TB (3.5", chuckable)

If you are interested in single disks make me an offer. I can wipe and sell single disks out of this package but I will not send the same private key to multiple people!

I would prefer local pickup (Germany, Bielefeld) but I could also mail the disks.
I will give you the private key and destroy it on my side.
As you can use a different reward address during farming there is no risk of getting robbed the xch you mine. If you are interested send me a PM.

I also sell my last plotter (Xeon 2690, 20 Plots/day). In case you are interested in that one as well let me know :wink:

As discussed on other posts, those plots are pretty useless… there is no way of knowing if the seller will erase his private keys after selling the plots. It’s just unsecure. Probably best would be to erase them and sell the drives on eBay if you really want to quit… It’s a shame though…
You’d only pay like 20EUR in electricity every month but you can win 500-600/month with that. I would keep farming, you never know… I won with only 900 plots a few days ago.

Good luck!

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The risk is pretty limited here:
No matter what you do, the reward address you farm to should ALWAYS be a paper/offline wallet. Never ever have the reward address PK on your farmer or harvester!
By doing so robbing the farmed xch is not possible. Either by a bad acting seller or someone who got access to your system.

Copying the plots and “double” farming is also quite stupid: I would waste harddisks that I could easily fill up with fresh plots. If I would copy plots that i sold i would have to compete against you and I would risk to loose the xch if I am slower than you. I dont think its worth that, if I would have spare hdds i would fill them with fresh plots instead :slight_smile:
Anyway, the buyer would probably replot the disks once pooling comes out so the “risk” would be quite limited in time as well :wink:

Ah, and the price of 22 EUR/TB is basically cheaper than what you pay here for decent sized disks (>=8TB) without plots :slight_smile:

1 You can double sell. Not saying that you would, obviously.

2 While I’m not planning to buy the drives, you didn’t mention what they are either. For example, WD external would be worth a bit less than Seagate external. And then lower capacity would be worth a bit less too.

Yeah one could do that. But I have better things to do with my time than copying disks :wink: I can assure you that there are no copies of those plots.
I am basically asking for the (local and in stock) raw disk price anyway. So you can see the plots as a free bonus.

I updated the description with the disk details. I was not aware that people prefer Seagate :slight_smile: Thanks for the hint!