Selling 255 Plots (Local to Maryland or nearby)

I want to sell my 255 plots but with insanely slow upload speed for my home internet there is no way I could upload it all available for someone to download in a timely manner.

Price is negotiable but I don’t want much for it honestly, I want to re purpose my drives as quickly as possible for another project.

If you are local (DC, Baltimore, Annapolis, VA, or near) I can copy all the plots from my hard drives to your hard drives, and provide all the keys necessary.

Once again, I plan on selling these cheap as I will be deleting the plots soon to re purpose the drives, but would rather I get at least a little money out of it.

Please let me know

Hey I am in PA . maybe we can work something out instead of deleting them . Seems like a waste .

It would be a waste. Not sure how close you are, but are you willing to drive in so I can copy the plots over?

I am in Harrisburg. How far is that from you ?

How do you solve the private keys/trust issue?

I am in Baltimore, so it’s a bit away

There is a trust issue yes, but I am done with Chia and hope someone could trust me as honest when I say I would hand over the keys and would not keep it

I wish you luck and hope that this is a problem you can overcome.

I think the even bigger problem is the ~80 hours it will take to copy that many files between hard disks!