Selling 2x Netapp DS4243 enclosures, 2x IOM6 controllers, 2x power supplies, 48x caddies

My hard-drive orders are getting delayed, not sure if it is worth starting afresh anymore. Trying to sell the storage enclosures at cost, they are little beaten up (during shipping to me), but all the drive slots work fine.

You might want to have two power supplies for each enclosure to keep the noise level down.

These are basically Netapp DS4246 (since you are getting IOM6 SAS 6gbps) enclosures with all the drive caddies, and are going for $400-500 each on ebay.

Drive caddies are IBN branded, but they are exact match for DS4243/DS4246 since the underlying enclosures are similar.

Local pick up only in SoCal, San Diego area.

Asking for $400 total. Cash or Venmo.

Any chance you’d be open to selling drive caddies? Also curious if your caddies have the SATA to SAS interposer cards?


I think I can, there is no SAS interposer in them, I bought them for $5 each, I can sell them for the same price.

Can you do local pickup?

Oh wow, let me make sure I don’t need to use interposers with my Netapp 4246, I may be interested in 24 sleds if I don’t need interposers. I’ll get back to you shortly.


How much would you like for 24 sleds?

I’m currently located in TX but I can pay for shipping. Please disregard my previous message :wink:

I think I can ship them.
Probably you can pay me through PayPal/Venmo.

That would be $120 + Shipping of your choice.

How do you want to arrange it?