Selling @ 3.2€/plot ( 1 is free, try it! ) , Management UI , fast network, fully automated, live status (servers and plots ) |

→ This price 3.2€/plot is only for the users of this forum, use the discount code chiajune21 ( note this is an UNLIMITED orders discount usable multiple times )

since today ( but retroactive to old members ) ,
once logged in ( free registration ) there is a button to claim : 1 FREE PLOT , click and it’s yours ( NO payment info required ).
so you can see how it works… the plot is real and usable, generated on your provided PUBLIC keys

please contact us for suggestion help requests… :slight_smile:

we are a team of software developers with a sysadmin, and we are also incorporated in italy (contact us if you need details), all payments will receive regular invoice.

thank you!

I have just seen that replying to an old post I have two posts at the top, this one is new probably is better because I know inform about the 1 free plot so users can tests the plotting service , if you need delete the older one, thank you :slight_smile:

1 additional note, free plots may take some hours because the scheduler will prioritize ( slightly ) paid plots… and with this free-plot offering we are seeing a lot of orders… but don’t worry if the job doesn’t start immediately it will probably just take some hours… don’t forget to configure your PUBLIC keys

Our free plot offering also to old users triggered a short time load spike as we expected , the system scaled well and now everything went back to normal ,

we just added in the homepage ( ) a gauge widget which show in real time ( updated every ~30minutes ) our current platform load!

We just fixed an issue which was showing “error 500” for the last hours when you where to configure public keys , this problem has been introduced to a fix that has been created to fight some users abuse of our 1 plot free offer ( multiple accounts created from same users ) , thank you all for your support

I’m trying it, thank you.

thank you , just one note : if you want to buy wait some hours… we have just added capacity and going to lower prices today :smirk: