[SELLING] 42 Seagate 16TB Exos (ST16000NM000J)

Shipping within USA on me. Shipping outside USA would be 100% on you.

I am not selling individual HDDs at this moment. If you do absolutely want to buy individual HDDs, I would charge $290 for them.

The HDDs are brand new. They come in anti-static bags. The HDDs are unused and would show almost 0 power-on hours and a perfect SMART scan upon inspection - including a more comprehensive scan. I prefer bulk buyers.


Bulk Pricing:

5+ at $280 each

10+ at $270 each

20+ at $260 each

Buy me out at $250 each ($250*45 = $11250)

Do I accept PayPal? Yes. I accept PayPal G&S.

Do I accept cryptocurrency like bitcoins? Yes again, I accept BTC. And for crypto purchases, I also offer an additional 15% discount on the final amount and also cover the fees for buying the bitcoins from exchanges like Cashapp or Coinbase or any other reputed exchanges.


Will I accept offers? Sure. But I am likely to accept offers only if you are willing to buy more than 15 HDDs at once.


Timestamp images:



Warranty? Yes, of course, the warranty is valid until around June 2026 - five years. Manufacturer Seagate warranty, not OEM or seller warranty.


Reason for selling here? eBay unjustifiably permanently banned my eBay account and held $10,000 in payouts for 2 months or so, and I desperately need money to fund my education loan. And so, yes, I am willing to accept offers and yes, I am in a rush to sell these HDDs.

If you’re interested, please feel free to message me or add me on discord - AncientBanana#5204. Shipping from US, Texas within 2 days of invoice being paid.


My pricing and/or quotes always INCLUDE shipping and taxes.

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I am interested in them, quote me the best price you can sell them to me vuonganquoc@gmail.com

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