Selling a few HDD's

I have a few HDD’s I would like to sell. They are:

Seagate Compute 4TB x2

Seagate Compute 8TB x2

Both are fully plotted for space pool but I understand it is preferable to format before selling.

I paid $155 each for the 8TB and $85 each for the 4TB’s. I understand that since they are now used they will be worth a little less, So I’m thinking $400 for the lot or I may sell individually.

I just joined this forum so I don’t think I have the ability to PM yet, but I’m sure we can work something out.

You need to sell locally. Try Craigslist and Kijiji. I would advertise them as lightly used and provide the usage data to prove it. Your price might be a bit high. I would not expect to get anymore than $300 for the lot. For lightly used goods you are lucky if you get over 50% of purchase value. It will help if they are still under manufacturer warranty and you can provide proof of that as well.

The best place to sell is your Local Facebook Market. Shipping and going international is an added complication while buying new on Amazon nearly matches buying used.


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