Selling all my plots and equipments, preferably locally in San Francisco area

REALLY love the Chia project and have been actively participating and heavily investing. However, due to some family issue (we decide to leave the U.S.A by the end of the year), I have to cease my farming plan and sell all equipments. Super sad but I will keep investing in XCH and probably re-build my farming rigs after I go back to my country.
I am currently plotting at roughly 110Tb per day and roughly own 20000 plots. I also have a few hundreds of new hard drives.

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Holy Hanna, That’s some setup you got there mate

yeah, but tbh if it’s not my family issue, I would buy more haha

yeah wow 20,000 plots! that’s over 2 petabytes!

I’m thinking of doing the same with my farm. 7000 plots total.

Out of curiosity, would you be comfortable talking about how you plan to determine a price for your 20,000 plots? For myself, I was thinking of calculating the expected XCH that could be earned over the next 3-6 months, and asking for perhaps 75% of that amount based on the current trading price. If a buyer agreed to that they would get the ability to farm extra XCH than they’d be paying for, and I’d get cash in hand today.

Edit: nevermind, I see you wrote your asking price and methodology in the spreadsheet:

20000 k32 plots in various 5TB, 8TB, 10Tb, 12TB drives, all under the same private key, $5 per plot, $100K total
Reference: $25 - $35 per tb for storage, $2 - $3 per plot for plotting service

sounds much more reasonable than what OP is asking for his 20,000 plots :+1:

that’s my asking price. Send me your bid price if you are interested.
I sold 4 PC and 15 SSD within 6 hours of posting haha. wouldn’t expect this speed. Chia is definitely trending now.

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some updates for selling:
sold 2 xps 8940(8core, 64G RAM), 20 Intel P4610 1.6T SSD on 6/8

Why do you need 25 monitors? This seems like an office liquidation sale.

well, when you plan to buy 100+ PC, then you would want to have 25 monitors. I am currently using 1 monitor every 4 PC. Apparently I won’t want to carry my small portable monitor all the time (I do have 2 this type of monitor BTW)