Selling all my rigs and 1700plots

I have 10 servers for plotting and farming.

  1. The first one will including all $1700plots in 202TB internal HDDs. 3 x 2Tb enterprise NVMEs.
    $1/plot x 1700 = $1700
    $22/Tb x 202TB = $4444
    $250/2tb NVME x3 = $750
    $1000 for the server, 2 x 10 Cores CPU, 64Gb Ram
    Total: ~$7500

  2. Server with 2 x 10cores 64GB DDR4 ram, 120TB HDD, 3 x 2TB enterprise NVMEs selling $5700. I have 5.

  3. 4 Plotter server 2 x 10Cores or 2x 14 Cores, 64GB DDR4 Ram 8x400GB enterprise SAS SSD, 4 in Raid 0 on 12Gb/s Raid control. selling for $2500. I have 4

All of them can easily make 30 - 45 plots/day. They all have 10Gb NIC. 6 USB cards can be added to take external drives for each server. The servers are running VERY Quiet and low power consumption around ~240w-300w

Please send me a message if you are interested.
or send me an email at:

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