Selling chia farm

I’m selling all my chia hardware. Based in London, UK.

Ideally I’d like to sell it all in one go but happy to negotiate.

All hard drives go for 11 GBP (~13.8 USD) / TB

For the CPUs, motherboards, plotting SSDs and network cards feel free to suggest a price.

■■■ all external drives:

WD - 14 TB - 5
remaning: 3

WD - 16 TB - 22
remaining: 20

Seagate - 16 TB - 8
remaining: 6

Seagate - 14 TB - 8
remaining: 5

■■■ pc 1 internal drives:
4 x 16TB WDC WD160EMFZ-11
12 x 16TB ST16000NM001G-2K

■■■ pc 2 internal drives:

■■■ pc 3 internal drives:
9 x 16 TB ST16000NM001G-2KK103
3 x 8 TB ST8000AS0002-1NA17Z

■■■ plotting SSDs:
2 x 3.2 TB nvme Micron_9300_MTFDHAL3T2TDR (11300DN0) 400 gbp each
6 x 960 GB sata INTEL SSDSC2KG960G8 (XCV10132) 100 gbp each
1 x 1.6 TB nvme INTEL SSD DC P4600 200 gbp

■■■ I also have some plotting hardware including:
2 fractal computer cases that hold 16 HDDs with intel i9-10850K and MSI Z590-A PRO Motherboard
3 x 10 gbit ethernet network card ASUS XG-C100C

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Why would you post stuff for sale with no prices? Is it all free?


updated with prices :+1:

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Where are the prices???

Dont see prices as well.

I am interested in some 16tb, based in West Sussex.

How many hours on the 16TB drives and what temperatures have they been subject to ? Any remaining warranties ?

Interested in 16TB drives, possibly 8-10 off.

Hi, they were all kept in open well ventilated space. I bought them all about a year ago and the warranty is 2 years. I’m not sure how that is transferrable.

Please respond to my PM.

As the forum was restored from a backup @Thomas_hunter I’ve sent you a new PM regarding the Bobcat 300’s.

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Thank you sir… When the site goes down we all can get into trouble :joy:

My brother met @Thomas_hunter today, and we purchased nine 16TB drives from him, all checked OK by my brother, and all in original packaging, good communication and easy transaction, thank you.

Edit. I’ve not seen the drives myself yet, but my brothers has mentioned some showing maximum temperatures of 69c which is excessive, hopefully this was only short term during being plotted.

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When you going to bring some drives to USA FL???

Hi everyone, for some reason I’m not able to edit the original post. All the remaining items that are being sold are now listed on ebay at Items for sale by capital.2012 | eBay

There’s still quite a few 16 and 14 TB drives and plotting SSDs. Collection in person in London would be ideal.

That’s some external drives that I avoid, I have bought a few of them, I believe WD with the square casing iirc. Shuck them or put a fan on them, and they should drop a lot.

Put a 140mm fan under/on top (of say 3@time) they’ll be 35-45C in no time. The cases don’t do them any favors, but they are nice for holding them, if you like externals, when force ventilated.

Nice and easy 4 Pack USB Brushless Cooling Fan 40mm Fan High Performance DC 5V Cooling Fan Speed 4200 RPM Fan for Small Appliances Series Replacement : Electronics

@aurelius @drhicom @Fuzeguy

All mine are either shucked, or sit on top a custom 3D printed cooler, in fact just blown the dust out the five Elements I have on the cooler and the server, also turned the fan speed up to medium for the warmer weather. All mine run below 40c and I have software that’s emails me when any run hot. The ones I was referring to are the ones we purchased from this thread.

Yes those are the ones I’m referring to, the wd with square case, they’re bad from a thermal perspective from my personal experience. Just my 2 cents :slight_smile:

Exactly as aurelius says - ventilate them, as above and/or in detail as I did here. In fact the case itself provides a nice chimney effect to help direct the airflow to keep the HD nice and cool (32-36C as shown in this snap of some of my drives using ‘Clear Disk Info’)


69C (156.2F) sounds terribly hot (like twice as hot :sweat: , hopefully they were not damaged in some way that makes them susceptible to failure or so they will run hot for regardless of proper venting.